The Mortimer Lodge of RAM No 687: STAR THROWERS

687 starthrowers 1

Sometimes you just know that you’ve made the correct decision. Mortimer Lodge asked for matched funding from the East Anglian Mark Benevolent Association for “STAR THROWERS”, a charity which helps men and women who are suffering from cancer and the aftermath of diagnosis and treatment.

Such was the commitment and professionalism of the charity, the trustees agreed a grant of £500, and today we presented the team at Star Throwers with a cheque for £675. The Nurse immediately told us that this gift would enhance the work of the self funded centre. She also mentioned that they do not waste money, as most of their furniture came from donations or eBay, and they have a large pool of volunteers to provide a very extensive range of treatments and personal counselling.

We were also told that the charity will not turn anyone away having been asked for advice from all over the UK and overseas. As part of their presentation, we were introduced to a patient who uses the services of StarThrowers. It became apparent that she was the person she is because of the support, encouragement and friendship she received; powerful stuff!

A great local charity providing an immense benefit to the local community and beyond. Thank you Mortimer Lodge for supporting this charity and seeking extra support from the EAMBA.

Has your lodge asked us to support your chosen charity?