EAMBA Matched Funding Update

I am writing to update you on the charitable causes that have received match funding from the EAMBA. The following donations have been agreed:

  • Gild of Good Fellowship Mark: £250 to the Meadowgate Academy.
  • Lowestoft Mark: £250 to Topcats.
  • Mortimer RAM: £500 to Star Throwers.
  • Suthburgh Mark: £250 to My Wish.
  • Yare Valley Mark: £250 to the Stone Foundation.
  • Breckland Mark: £250 to the Air Training Corps, was enhanced by £701 (to pay for a year's vehicle tax and insurance on their minibus).
  • More are currently under consideration.

The Provincial Grand Master is most keen to promote this initiative and feels that the number of requests has been disappointingly low. The above success stories demonstrate the possibilities and, on his behalf, I urge you to consider making application for your lodge and chosen charity. The Trustees prefer to give money to fund specific projects, in whole or in part, rather than running costs; however each application will be considered on its merits.

It is likely that the Matching Grant scheme will be continued in 2020. Successful applications this year will not preclude a Lodge from making applications in following years but, again, not necessarily for the same charities.

Given the occasional vagaries of the email system, if you have already made an application which has not yet been approved, please contact Tom Auber direct and as soon as possible on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Yours fraternally

Tony Jacobs
Provincial Grand Charity Steward