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On the 22nd May I was very pleased to attend at the “Memory Lane Cafe” which meets every Tuesday at the Rosary Conservative Club in Ipswich. Memory Lane Cafe was set up just under a year ago for the local people who have been diagnosed with dementia, for somewhere to meet and be given support by friends and families. This also includes support for the carers. The first year has been a tremendous success due to the hard work of the volunteers who run the cafe and around 60 people attend regularly. The activities organised include not only entertainment but visits by professionals to talk on all matters relating to where advice and help can be sort regarding dementia and its associated areas of concern. To this end the cafe needed a good portable sound system so that everyone attending could hear the details of what was been conveyed. The system was heavily discounted by a local supplier, even so, the cost was £500.00. This is where our EAMBA came in. An application was made to our Trustees [by Albert Victor Lodge No 70] who after confirming it to be a charity worthy of support gave the go ahead to cover the full cost, much to the delight of the volunteer team at the cafe. The sound system is an “all singing- all dancing” Bose. The cafe is a very worthwhile venture and I highlighted in my presentation that the Members of the East Anglia Mark Province were proud to be associated with it. A plaque indicating our donation is fixed on the equipment. The pictures show the unit itself and the presentation to the cafe treasurer and secretary. Another indication that our charity really does support local communities.
Trevor Tinley
Provincial Grand Charity Steward


I present my first annual report for the annual general meeting of the East Anglia Mark Benevolent Association.

Last year, my predecessor reported a disappointingly low number of grant applications from constituent Lodges and, in spite of a reminder a few weeks before the deadline, this year's result is not much better. It is, perhaps, the duty of Lodges to support their local charities, rather than just their right to do so.

Last year, the Trustees endorsed a second tranche of £1000 to the Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge festival, and made donations as outlined in the Treasurer's report and accounts, some making use of the Provincial Grand Master's discretionary fund. It should be noted that the 2018-19 major donation of £15,000.00 in total, to the three branches of SSAFA, were actually made in the year 2017-18, to take account of the immediacy of the needs of the Charity.

The use of GiftAid envelopes is always to be encouraged: the return to the Fund is immense, and it is a pity to waste an opportunity to increase the very generous sums donated by the Brethren. If your Lodge Charity Steward or Treasurer need supplies of envelopes, or help with the system, they should please contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or the Provincial Charity Steward (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) - details also in the Year Book.

Finally, I thank my fellow Trustees for welcoming me on board, and my predecessor, W.Bro. Richard Hawes, for his patience in assisting me through quite a steep learning curve.

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Tom Auber, Secretary, E.A.M.B.A.