Eversley Mark and EAMBA support Cromer Hospital

eversley donation

Sheringham based Eversley Mark Lodge chose to support their local hospital at Cromer and sought match funding from the East Anglian Mark Benevolent Association. The hospital has a wish list of equipment, which the Cromer Community and Hospital Friends look to fund through fundraising events and donations.

One item was a bariatric wheelchair, more heavy duty than the standard versions, costing just over £1,000. With help from the EAMBA, Eversley members were able to donate the full amount and presented the money in shirt sleeve order at the hospital fete. Funds were boosted further on the day, with lodge members taking part in the many stalls and games at the fete.

The picture shows Eversley members Mark Northway (left), Richard Callaby (right) and WM John Driscoll (second right), with Mike Ayden, Shirley Davies and Viv Bateman from the Cromer Community and Hospital Friends.

John Driscoll
Worshipful Master

Columbyne Lodge & EAMBA support Suffolk Therapy Centre

EAMBA Columbyne MS 2019 April
Columbyne Mark Lodge based in Stowmarket, agreed to donate £250 to Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre, which is part of the Suffolk MS Therapy Centre. This followed a proposition from one of the lodge members who volunteers at the facility. Match funding was then sought from the East Anglian Mark Benevolent Association, which was granted and resulted in a total donation of £500.

Centre Manager, Sean Chrysanthou attended Columbyne Lodge for the presentation, thanking the lodge for the generous donation which would contribute towards refurbishing the disabled toilets.

The Suffolk Oxygen Therapy Centre has been operating for over 30 years and was one of the first of its kind specifically designed to offer Oxygen Therapy to people with Multiple Sclerosis. With three barometric chambers (decompression chambers) they are able to treat up to sixteen people at a time.

Located in Great Blakenham, just outside Ipswich, the centre is staffed by fully trained operators and supported by volunteers, who pride themselves on the friendly and relaxed environment they create. It is funded entirely by donations from its members for their therapy, fund-raising activities and donations from outside individuals and groups.

Oxygen Therapy involves breathing medical grade oxygen through a mask whilst sitting, for an hour, in a barometric chamber at 1.5 to 2 normal atmospheric pressure. We all live under the pressure of the atmosphere, therefore the extra pressure required for the therapy is minimal. The technology is well-established and has a 100-year history. However, it is only relatively recently been recognised, that even when the level of oxygen in the blood is normal, there can be severe deficiency in tissues. Now the science is understood, the use of Oxygen Therapy is expanding rapidly around the world. It has been found to benefit a wide variety of conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis.