This years dinner was held at the Park Restaurant at the Cambridge Regional College. 49 brethren and their ladies arrived to be greeted with sumptuous canapés. After chatting with friends and catching upon the latest gossip and enjoying a pre dinner drink, we were called to dinner.

Each course was expertly serves by student waiters, and cooked by student chefs. All these young people were under the guidance of professional staff. The food was delicious and the presentation excellent. Each course was a sensation of the senses and caused much discussion on our table. Indeed there was a high volume of conversation at each of the tables and people didn't rush to leave, but remained and continued their conversations. A table collection was presented to the students to aid them in their culinary training and future career.

This annual event is eagerly awaited and many couples return year after year, there must be some perks other than a salute in being a grand officer. We always invite those brethren whom are to be appointed or promoted in June so that we can pay tribute to their deserved achievement.

I had to promise Claire that this year we would not have to leave until after she had eaten her chocolate tart, she said it was scrumptious. Keep the date for next year which will be published in the 2016/17 year book.