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Keystone Appeal 2018: June update

Brethren we are in the last few weeks of the Keystone Appeal 2018 and at the Provincial Annual Meeting the RWPGM will announce the total sum raised. Will it be under, on or over the £200,000 target? Only he will know! I have, whatever the outcome, been more than surprised at the response the Province has made, magnificent! If you couple that with the activities of the EAMBA and the MBF within the Province there has really been a concentrated drive to improve the lives of people in our communities. Both these arms of our charity have been instrumental in a number of supporting programmes that have enriched individuals or groups and they “have made a difference”.

I have been the Provincial Grand Charity Steward for 7+years and as my term in Office comes to a close I would like to record my thanks to the Lodge Charity Stewards who have worked hard to encourage donations to be made, even though there has been a consistent call on the individuals finances from other Degrees within the Provincial area. They have done a remarkable job in difficult circumstances.

I would also like to record my thanks to all the Senior Provincial Officers who have given advice and encouragement during my term in office and particularly to the RWPGM who has supported most, if not all, of my requests for charitable support.

Brethren, I await with anticipation the outcome of the Appeal, I have every reason to think it will be a positive announcement at the Annual Meeting- whatever the outcome, well done to you all for supporting your Charity so well,

Trevor Tinley
Provincial Grand Charity Steward

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