Keystone Appeal background


Brethren as you are aware the PGM launched a "KEYSTONE APPEAL" which will run from the Provincial meeting in 2014 until the same meeting in 2018. The aim is to raise money for 2 very worthwhile causes. Firstly our own EAMBA which, as you know, is very responsive to the needs of our own Brethren, their families and the wider communities in which we live. Secondly, "Hope for Tomorrow" which is a Charity that Grand Lodge is supporting and that will coincide with the Grand Charities 150th year in 2018.

The EAMBA supported the 2013 Festival and as a Province we need to make sure our finances are at a level where we can respond to every request received and action funds if appropriate. To do this we need to boost our revenue and maintain it to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our Province. The PGM has indicated that all donations made up to the 2018 Provincial meeting will be split 60%- 40% in favour of Hope for Tomorrow.

We know the work we do, it is local, specific and timely and that is just what this appeal is all about. Both Charities are aiming for the same outcome and with your help and support this Province will achieve a fantastic donation to each of them.

There are now  "standing order" and "gift aid" forms on this site, please take the time to visit the link to "Hope for Tomorrow" and then complete them. Give them to your Lodge Charity Steward and he will record your donations and ensure you receive the Keystone Lapel Badge. Wear it with pride, it is your effort that will make the difference.

I will keep you up dated on the progress made, I thank you for your support in advance of what I know will be a tremendous effort and remind you to contact your Lodge Charity Steward for further information and acknowledgement of your contributions.

Trevor Tinley,  PPGJW
Provincial Grand Charity Steward