Mark Provincial Grand Rank Appointments and Promotions 2015

We congratulate the following brethren, listed in Lodge order. The conferment of honours on recipients of Appointments and Promotions will take place at the Mark Provincial Grand Lodge Annual Meeting at Suffolk One, Scrivener Drive, Ipswich, IP8 3SU, on Saturday 25th July 2015.

Those in red are re-appointments to Active Rank.
Those in green are Active Ranks.

Lodge No Name Rank
Albert Victor 70 Trevor John TINLEY Ch. Stwd.
Albert Victor 70 Michael Ernest STAFF P.P.G.J.W.
Walpole 92 Timothy John RIDLEY D.C.
Walpole 92 Richard Norman PRYOR Swd.B.
Walpole 92 Paul Richard HINTON Stwd.
Freeman 105 Roger Maurice YOUNG Dep. Sec.
Freeman 105 Stephen Leslie BYE S.D.
Freeman 105 Paul Edmund COLLARD P.P.G.Ins.Wks.
Isaac Newton U.L. 112 Peter William Robert BEAUMONT (rule 78) P.P.G.J.O.
Isaac Newton U.L. 112 Adam Stewart KOENIG P.P.G.Std.B.
Youell 317 Ralph Barry MASTERSON Registrar
Youell 317 Gary Walter ALLEN Dep. D.C.
Youell 317 Anthony William JACOBS Stwd.
Youell 317 Kenneth Stanley HARVEY P.P.G.Ins.Wks.
York 334 Alan Arthur Mason ABRAHAM P.P.G.S.W.
York 334 Alan Stanley BAILEY P.P.G.Std.B.
York 334 Nigel John PAINE P.P.G.J.D.
Philanthropic 538 Graham Douglas HARRIS P.P.G.Swd.B.
Philanthropic 538 Donald John WOODGATE (non Master) Ass.Chap.
Philanthropic 538 Howard John MOORE (non Master) P.P.G.Std.B.
Stradbroke 603 William John BECKER (rule 78) P.P.G.S.W.
Lowestoft 686 Donald Henry LEA Ass.Std.B.
Lowestoft 686 Richard George ORME Ass. D.C.
Lowestoft 686 Anthony Thomas HAVERSON P.P.G.I.G.
Lowestoft 686 David HEPBURN P.P.G.I.G.
Lowestoft 686 Frank Stanley WILMOT Order of Merit
Barnard 687 Raymond PAGE J.D.
Barnard 687 Roy Browne WOODHOUSE P.P.G.S.W.
Eversley 717 Robin George GUY P.P.G.Ins.Wks.
Eversley 717 Martin Arthur MILES P.P.G.J.D.
Northwic 770 Michael PENDRED Tyler
Hartismere 957 Ivor CATTERMOLE P.P.G.J.O.
Hartismere 957 Anthony David SKINNER P.P.G.J.D.
Hartismere 957 John Guthrie Smith WALLACE P.P.G.Std.B.
Connaught 965 Peter Ernest WEST S.D.
George Borrow 1077 Clive John NEWMAN P.P.G.Std.B.
Waveney Valley 1140 Roger Patrick BROWNE J.W.
Waveney Valley 1140 David Thomas CHENERY Treasurer
Waveney Valley 1140 Colin Michael WALKER Stwd.
Waveney Valley 1140 Brian Maurice RICHES P.P.G.Swd.B.
Ernest Hines 1166 John William Kenneth WITHERS P.P.G.J.W.
Ernest Hines 1166 Eric John SHAW P.P.G.J.W.
Ernest Hines 1166 Patrick Archibald DENNY P.P.G.Ins.Wks.
Ernest Hines 1166 David CHAPMAN P.P.G.J.D.
St. Winnold 1187 Peter Charles HOWARD P.P.G.Ins.Wks.
Suthburgh 1210 Karl Vincent DEBENHAM J.O.
Suthburgh 1210 Michael SMITH Stwd.
Suthburgh 1210 Melvyn David EKE Ass D.C.
Suthburgh 1210 William Peter CLAYTON P.P.G.S.W.
Gild of Good Fellowship 1410 Maurice William SMITH M.O.
Gild of Good Fellowship 1410 James Stuart BRAUN Ins.Wks.
Gild of Good Fellowship 1410 Thomas Michael Nadin WHITEHALL Organist
Gild of Good Fellowship 1410 Roland Stanley SMITH P.P.G.Ins.Wks.
Admiral Rous 1427 Paul BURNISTON Ass. Sec.
Admiral Rous 1427 Ashley Edward Wolfgang HARTLEY S.D.
Admiral Rous 1427 Alan Frederick NEVILLE P.P.G.J.W.
Admiral Rous 1427 Colin Patrick FARRINGTON P.P.G.J.D.
Deben Valley 1465 Colin BIRKBECK Chaplain
Deben Valley 1465 David Stanley CUTHBERT Secretary
Deben Valley 1465 John Frederick MAYHEW P.P.G.J.O.
Deben Valley 1465 Clifford William COCKER (non Master) P.P.G.Std.B.
Breckland 1519 Raymond John RUSSELL S.O.
Breckland 1519 Maxwell Owen PAGE P.P.G.J.O.
Breckland 1519 Martin Henry GANDOFF P.P.G.S.D.
Yare Valley 1597 Terry Yvan Kim LARKOWSKY J.D.
Yare Valley 1597 Adrian Noel SEWELL Ass. D.C.
Yare Valley 1597 Alan Steuart MALLETT P.P.G.S.D.
Yare Valley 1597 Kenneth George HAMMOND P.P.G.J.D.
Brackenbury 1659 Keith Cedric McCULLY Almoner
Ronald Chitty 1715 Jeffrey George ERRINGTON Std.B.
Thomas Beevor 1724 Martin Harold PLANE S.W.
Thomas Beevor 1724 David Abraham MOSTYN Dep. Chap.
Thomas Beevor 1724 John Stanley WARNE I.G.
Thomas Beevor 1724 John George PLUMMER P.P.G.M.O.
Thomas Beevor 1724 Kenneth William HEALEY P.P.G.Swd.B.
Columbyne 1866 Paul Anthony SMITH J.D.
Columbyne 1866 Henry Cumming FAICHNEY P.P.G.J.O.
E.A. Stewards 1937 Robin James KING P.P.G.S.D.