Provincial Benevolent Association donation in support of flood relief

The Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Cumberland & Westmorland, RW Bro Keith Hodgson, recently announced that he had  opened  a  fund  for  the  relief  of  those  who  have  been  affected  by  the floods resulting from Storm Desmond. Thousands  of  families  have  been  evacuated  from  their  homes  and  the emergency services are still working hard to manage the ongoing effects of those floods.

The  Mark  Benevolent Fund  made  a  donation of  £25,000 to  the  fund,  this  was announced at the Royal Ark Mariner Annual Assembly at Great Queen Street, London, which prompted several Provinces to make a donation to the fund.

Our Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Paul Norman, was not slow in coming forward and immediately requested that our Provincial Benevolent Association consider a donation of £1,000 be sent to the relevant fund. The Trustees readily agreed to the request made and the money was transferred by the treasurer of the EAMBA to support the relief fund.