My year as Provincial Grand Junior Warden

W. Bro. Roger Browne of Waveney Valley Lodge No 1140 and E.A.M.S. Lodge No 1937 writes:

"How do you thank someone for offering you the opportunity to represent the province as its Provincial Grand Junior Warden. During the last 12 months I have been welcomed where ever and whenever I have attended either at a Mark or Ram meeting. The realization that the province of East Anglia is very large soon became apparent. My visits to Provincial Grand Lodges outside East Anglia have shown me that Mark masonry has a welcome far beyond our Province. My year ended on the 23rd July at Ipswich when W. Bro. David Frost was invested as the new Provincial Grand Junior Warden. I wish him well a word of advice get out and enjoy your honour it does not last long.

Lastly a special thank you to our R.W.P.G.M W. Bro. Paul Norman for an unforgettable experience; Dept. and Ass. Provincial Grand Masters VW. Bro. Ray Clarke and W. Bro. Nigel Williams; W. Bro. Tim Ridley and W. Bro. David Cuthbert for their encouragement and support when needed; to Janet for all the nights she has been left home alone.

Lastly thanks to W. Bro. Martin Plane the Provincial Grand Senior Warden for the friendship forged during the last 12 months."