Mark Masonry Supports Open Christmas

Mark Masonry Supports Open Christmas

Following a request to GYMA by Open Christmas Great Yarmouth for funding to assist them to provide a Christmas day meal for 300 of the homeless and lonely of Great Yarmouth, Youell Lodge made a request to the Province, which resulted in a donation from the EAMBA (East Anglia Mark Benevolent Association) of £250, to which the Lodge added another £100.

Jim Wood the current master of Youell lodge together with Chris Bowles the secretary were able to present the cheques to Judith Hambrook a representative of Open Christmas Great Yarmouth at her home in Hemsby in the afternoon of Saturday 10th December 2016.

The photograph shows Jim presenting a facsimile cheque to Judith.

Other Masonic units meeting in Gt. Yarmouth have also supported this worthwhile cause, which must be one of the best that we can support in our local communities.

Open Christmas events are also held in Norwich and other towns and cities in East Anglia. The various Open Christmas events are manned by volunteers, many like Judith who have been giving their time for a number of years, the cost being covered by donations of goods, services and money.

Open Christmas also supply clothing and other gifts to the homeless which they collect from many sources.

It is hoped that certainly in Great Yarmouth and hopefully throughout the Province, that we could become involved earlier in the process in 2017, not only supplying financial assistance, but also collecting clothes and gifts.

Chris Bowles – Saturday 10th December 2016