MBF Walk, Saturday 6 May 2017

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The MBF is organizing a MBF Walk on Saturday the 6th May 2017 to raise funds in support of its charitable work. The main thrust at the moment is to provide 10 mobile chemotherapy units for Hope for Tomorrow to celebrate the MBF's 150 years.

The walk will consist of teams of 6 members from each Province. The objective is to raise £100k. The walk itself will be approx. 8 miles and follow the Diana Princes of Wales Memorial Walk, starting and finishing at MMH.

The East Anglia Mark Team consists of the APGM, W.Bro Tim Ridley, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro Trevor Tinley and 4 more to be nominated. To this end if you would like to participate, would you forward your name to your Lodge Charity Steward who will pass it to the Province. The aim is to have 2 Members from each of our 3 Counties participating. If there are more nominees than places a draw will take place under the scrutiny of the RWPGM.

More details will be announced after the team is selected. However, you can start to donate to this event right now by completing the “Walk form” (link below) and returning it to your Lodge Charity Steward or the EAMBA Treasurer.

Be generous, the MBF is a good example of how Mark Masons view others in need and move towards helping them in a planned and thoughtful way, your donations are used to the best effect, this walk will have a lasting legacy, be part of it!

Trevor Tinley, Provincial Grand Charity Steward


The Provincial Team has been selected from the many who applied and they are:


Tim Ridley- APGM [+Grand Rank]
Hobbies include the Theatre - cooking - 4 black Labradors.



Ron McLean [Grand Rank]
Hobbies include gardening, family history and going to the gym.



Rick Orme [P.Grand Rank]
Hobbies include being a lifelong “spurs” fan - walking.



Ian Watts [MMM- SO]
Hobbies include walking- pet dogs – breaks in Norfolk - vintage mopeds



Steve Holman [MMM-very new]
Hobbies include cinema – golf – motorcycling – food and wine



Trevor Tinley [Grand Rank & ProvGChStwd]
Hobbies include – walking – golf - holidays


This Provincial Walking Team needs your support. They are walking 8 miles around the London Parks to raise funds for the MBF. Please complete the form (download link  below) and see your Lodge Charity Steward for more details.

Thank you in advance of your support,
Trevor Tinley, Provincial Grand Charity Steward

Download a walk donation form: