Provincial Grand Rank Appointments 2019

We congratulate the following brethren on their appointment or promotion within the Province (red indicates re-appointment).

Honours to be conferred at Mark and RAM Provincial Meetings 2019.

Rank Name Lodge No
ProvGSW Larry John BENSUSAN Suthburgh 1210
ProvGJW David Ward Stanley ROYAL Yare Valley 1597
ProvGMO Richard George ORME Lowestoft 686
ProvGSO Paul Edmund COLLARD Freeman 105
ProvGJO Clifford Trevor Arndt-SNELLING Ronald Chitty 1715
ProvGChap Colin BIRKBECK Deben Valley 1465
ProvGTreas David Thomas CHENERY Waveney Valley 1140
ProvGReg Roger Maurice YOUNG Freeman 105
ProvGSec Richard Scott STYLES Hartismere 967
ProvGDC Gary Walter ALLEN Youell 317
ProvGIWks Peter Ernest WEST Connaught 965
ProvGSwdB Alan George ELLIS Youell 317
ProvDepGChap Christopher James BOWLES Youell 317
ProvDepGSec Michael Ernest STAFF Albert Victor 70
ProvDepGDC Bernard Docherty MBE Breckland 1519
ProvGCharStwd Anthony William JACOBS Youell 317
ProvGAlm Richard Charles CALLABY Northwic 770
ProvGSD Bernard Edward Charles THORNDYKE Hartismere 957
ProvGSD Sutton Austen GLOVER Waveney Valley 1140
ProvGSD John Woodrow GALLOP Ernest Hines 1166
ProvGJD Trevor BEALING Barnard 687
ProvGJD David Henry WATERS Albert Victor 70
ProvAGChap Richard Charles BLOWERS George Borrow 1077
ProvAGSec Paul BURNISTON Admiral Rous 1427
ProvAGDC Paul Raymond JARVIS Ernest Hines 1166
ProvAGDC Mark Andrew COOK Thomas Beevor 1724
ProvAGDC John William TUBBS Albert Victor 70
ProvGOrg Colin Ivor JACKSON Lowestoft 686
ProvGStdB David Robert BENNETT Connaught 965
ProvAGStdB Stephen Robert COX Waveney Valley 1140
ProvGIG Robert Alan CLACK Ernest Hines 1166
ProvGStwd John KIRK Freeman 105
ProvGStwd Anthony Peter HORE York 334
ProvGStwd Adrian Paul Ronald GEDGE Yare Valley 1597
ProvGStwd Russell Derek KEEN Ronald Chitty 1715
ProvGTyler Michael PENDRED Northwic 770
PPGJD Terry Dennis GIBSON Philanthropic 538
PPJGD Fernando Bras MESSIAS The George Borrow 1077
PPGStdB Ian Michael ANDERSON Brackenbury 1659
PPGStdB Arthur Lang MacCOLL Walpole 92
PPGStdB Anthony Richard BOTHWAY Eversley 717
PPAGStdB William George McCOLL Columbyne 1866
PPGJW Reginald James Melloy Gild of Good Fellowship 1410
PPGJW Keith Wilfred Cootes St. Winnold 1187
PPGMO Martin Nicholas Bates Suthburgh 1210
PPGJO Colin Peter Goodley Youell 317
PPGJO Gregory James Underwood Suthburgh 1210
PPGJO Rodney Eric John Wells York 334
PPGJO Robert John Taylor Stradbroke 603
PPGJO Christopher Robert Dearing Ronald Chitty 1715
PPGIWks Newson John Keith Pratt Admiral Rous 1427
PPGIWks Christopher Charles Wright Eversley 717
PPGIWks John Guthie Smith Wallace Hartismere 957
PPGIWks Michael Spalding Yare Valley 1597
PPGSD David Barney Yare Valley 1597
PPGSD David Hepburn Lowestoft 686
PPGSD Anthony Thomas Haverson Lowestoft 686
PPGSD David Harold Wickham The George Borrow 1077
PPGSD Gordon John Robert Spindler Columbyne 1866



Robin James KING, Bridgman 92
Edward JONES, Edmondsbury 105
Adam Stewart KOENIG, Isaac Newton University 1112
Mark Andrew COOK, Martyn 317
Nigel John PAINE, York 334
Robert John HUME, Hartismere 957
David CHAPMAN, Wroxham 1166
Raymond John RUSSELL, St. Winnold 1187
Alan Peter MAYLE, Suthburgh 1210
Thomas Michael Nadin WHITEHALL, Gild of Good Fellowship 1410
John ROWELL, The Ship of the Fens 1847
Richard George ORME, Lowestoft 686
Frederick Alfred ELLIOTT, Wroxham 1166