Waveney Valley Mark Lodge donations

waveney valley donations Picture taken in 2019 pre-Covid

The Waveney Valley Mark Lodge No. 1140 in the Province of East Anglia meeting at Harleston, have donated £2300 over two years, which includes generous match funding grants from the EAMBA. The benefactors were The Norfolk & Waveney Prostate Cancer Support who have provided three prostrate transperineal* medical biopsy couches costing £13,740 each total £41,220.

The biopsy couches have enabled hours of theatre time to be freed up so that other, perhaps more urgent procedures, can be performed. At the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital a saving of over £300,000 in theatre costs over a year was achieved.

The other two couches have been allocated to The James Paget Hospital in Yarmouth and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn where again several hundreds of thousand pounds in theatre costs have been reported.

 Vic Sayer - Charity Steward

 *In transperineal biopsy, the urologist passes the biopsy needle through the perineal skin (this is the skin between your bottom and the scrotum. This is called a transperineal prostate biopsy) and into the prostate, rather than passing the biopsy needle through a potentially contaminated rectum. The biopsy needle is still guided by an ultrasound placed in the rectum.