Provincial Grand Lodge: thoughts of the APGM

When I was asked to write this, the burning question uppermost in my mind was; what to write about. However, this morning inspiration struck; and jolly painful it was too.

What is a Provincial Grand Meeting (PGL) for?

Normally it would be at the end of the Masonic season, to allow the PGM to thank all the brethren of his Province for their hard work during the past year, bestow provincial honours onto a select Band of Brothers and also to allow the members to meet and mix with others from the far-flung corners of the Province.

This year is different as the meeting will be held just after the start of the Masonic year has commenced, but then again, the past eighteen months have been nothing like normal, in every walk of life.

All Degrees have the same issue with their PGL, but even though it is not held at the usual venue nor at the normal time of year, does not mean the event cannot be fulfilling and enjoyable for those who wish to attend.

We, as the Executive, look forward to welcoming you to this year’s PGL where the Provincial Grand Master will be confirmed in office by a team from Mark Grand Lodge.

There will also be the usual pomp and ceremony, and I am looking forward to the new Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies strutting his stuff, and doing as I’m told. There will be an excellent dinner after the meeting and hopefully much banter, chatter and laughter. All of which I have missed greatly during the enforced suspension of Freemasonry.

Let us hope the day goes smoothly, is pleasurable, happy and we leave contented.

Yours S & F,

Richard Styles. APGM