Your Provincial Grand Secretary – W.Bro. Mike Staff, PAGDC

m staff

As part of keeping the website relevant and interesting the Executive have all volunteered (well kind of) to supply regular small blogs that might be of interest to the members of the Province. They can be on Freemasonry, or not as the case may be, but it is hoped that you will find them of interest.

So, what do you know about your Provincial Grand Secretary ? I didn’t know much about him until I spoke to his wife, as he is quite reticent about talking about himself. His lovely wife Heather then wrote the following about him, which I thought might be of interest to the members of the Province, so here it is. (W.Bro. Justin Curtis, Prov.Dep.G.Sec.)

As the wife of the new Provincial Grand Secretary Mike Staff, I would like to tell you something of his background. His family home was the holiday village of Thorpeness where his grandfather was the estate manager whose son David became a joiner. Whilst still at school Mike was given his own work-bench alongside his father who taught him how to handle tools and basic construction methods but his ambition was to become a cabinet-maker. His father suggested he should join a firm who sent their apprentices to college which was very sound advice.

In 1972 Mike’s career as a cabinet-maker began with an Ipswich firm who were producing high class traditional furniture for palaces, embassies, royalty and celebrities throughout the world. Whilst serving his apprenticeship the course leader at the college (also a Mason), had noted Mike’s ability to help others less able than himself and asked if he would like to teach an evening class. Gradually his part-time hours increased until he made the leap into full-time education which also involved teacher training and an Open University degree in history. Mike has quite a sense of humour and great enthusiasm for the task in hand which made him very popular with students, however, over the years his role within education had to change and took him into management, where he lost that special contact with both students and the tools of the trade. He retired in 2016 and has kept himself very busy; pottering in his workshop, walking our border collie and of course masonic involvement.

As I had been a designer at the furniture firm, I had known Mike many years and we married in the ‘80s. Around the same time he joined his mother lodge St Luke’s, then just after Albert Victor. As many masonic wives will know, those white shirts are laundered more frequently than was first suggested in those early days.

Now as Prov.G.Sec. I know he will be doing his best for everyone in the Mark and Mariners. We have been through some difficult and often very sad times recently, but we must remain optimistic, looking ahead to new beginnings with great hope for the future.

Please remember if anyone has a problem or needs his help, do contact Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You now know a little bit more about the Prov.G.Sec. and what makes him tick!