EAMBA Grant to St John Ambulance


In September the Province announced an EAMBA grant of £21,180 for the purchase of radio communications equipment. Used in conjunction with the ambulances and mobile treatment centres recently donated by the Mark Benevolent Fund, the St John Ambulance staff and crews will be able to communicate effectively and speedily whilst on duty. A presentation event was held on 6th December at Bury St Edmunds.

Our Provincial Grand Master writes:

What a magnificent gathering today at Bury St Edmunds, over 30 Mark Masons and their families gathered at the St John HQ , to see first hand the equipment our grant provided.

David, a St John volunteer, explained what a difference our state of the art communication kit would make to the work of the St John in our Province. He proudly exhibited his bounty and gave several examples of the game changing difference he could now provide.

Amy, another St John volunteer then went on to praise the tablet and lap tops contained within the grant, and gave us an insight into their use. These were in the fore front of training young adults volunteers in first aid and how to deliver first aid at the events they covered during a year.

During the Buffett lunch so graciously provided by the District Manager for Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Lee Taylor, the chair of the Suffolk County Priory Group, Mrs Laura Wallace, our Regional Logistics Co-ordinator, Paul Stockdale, the Unit Manager for Bury St Edmunds unit Enid Gathercole plus anumber of the adult volunteers from Bury, and our Radio Comms Lead, David Sparrow, spoke at length with us and gave us profuse thanks.

The County President, MRs Laura Wallace gave we Mark Masons a heartfelt and warm vote of appreciation and thanks for the generosity and our support for the Order of St John.

The immense benefit that St John will gain from our grant should not be under estimated, and to coin a phrase from one volunteer who described himself “Chuffed as nuts, it will mean we can do more, help more, and give more to the community.”

A bit like us then?