Mark Provincial Appointments 2020 & 2021

We congratulate the following brethren on their appointments within the Province.

Mark Provincial Grand Rank - Active Appointments from January 2021

Rank Name Lodge No
Deputy Provincial Grand Master Gary Allen Youell 317
Assistant Provincial Grand Master Richard Styles Hartismere 957
ProvGSW Trevor Tinley Albert Victor 70
ProvGJW Terry Larkowsky Yare 1597
ProvGMO David Blair INUL 112
ProvGSO Ken Healey Thomas Beevor 1724
ProvGJO Colin Farrington Dunwich 850
ProvGChap Colin Birkbeck Deben Valley 1465
ProvGTreas David Chenery Waveney Valley 1140
ProvGReg David Good Thomas Beevor 1724
ProvGSec Mike Staff Albert Victor 70
ProvGDC Mark Cook Thomas Beevor 1724
ProvGIWks Barry O’Leary Barnard 687
ProvGSwdB Alan Mayle Suthburgh 1210
ProvDepGChap Chris Bowles Thomas Beevor 1724
ProvDepGSec Justin Curtis York 334
ProvDepGDC John Tubbs Deben valley 1465
ProvGCharStwd Tony Jacobs Youell 317
ProvGAlm Richard Callaby Northwic 770
ProvGSD Alec Spall Connaught 965
ProvGSD Kazimierz Kossowski Columbyne 1866
ProvGSD Stephen Newman Connaught 965
ProvGJD John Kirk Freeman 105
ProvGJD Paul Budd Breckland 1519
ProvGJD Barry Stone Youell 317
ProvAGChap Richard Blowers George Borrow 1077
ProvAGSec Nick Berry Freeman 105
ProvAGDC Trevor Clark Albert Victor 70
ProvAGDC Nigel Hood Barnard 687
ProvGOrg Chris Hoelzer Hartismere 957
ProvGStdB Leon Crosson Lowestoft 686
ProvAGStdB Kevin Doggert York 334
ProvGIG Robert Clack Ernest Hines 1166
ProvGStwd Ron Walters Hartismere 957
ProvGStwd Ian Anderson Brackenbury 1659
ProvGTyler Mike Pendred Northwic 770