East Anglian Installed Mark Masters

1418 Mar17 15


What a splendid morning. Over 50 brethren arrived to witness W.Bro Chris Bowles (image above, R)  install W.Bro David Hickinbottom (image above, L)  into the Masters Chair. This he did with great style and sincerity. The address to the WM was delivered by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master; he did a splendid job.

Are you a past master? Then why not join us for a happy gathering of friendship and fun. The newly installed WM delighted us with a paper on Mark Masonry, very enlightening and thought provoking. Many of the ancient links between the Mark and the Craft were skilfully alluded to and explained.

I would suggest that you keep the date for the next meeting in your diary, for the WM has invited a very skilled Prestonian lecturer to present the second "Peter Churchyard Memorial Lecture". This meeting will be held at Lowestoft Masonic Hall on September 6th. It promises to be one of the best meeting of the year.