George Borrow Lodge of MMM No 1077

As I headed up the A140 and collected my passengers I had no inkling that we were in for such a great evening. As you can imagine they did not stop talking all the way there and most of the way back. I was hoping that ‘BrownE’ would fall asleep - but he didn’t!

Greeted by the Lodge Secretary, Bro Barry Howell in his usual lugubrious fashion I went down stairs and chatted to brethren as they arrived to the meeting. We covered a wide range of topics not least of which was the distance I and many others had to travel to meeting on our Province. Normally W. Bro Ivan Jordan from Philanthropic Lodge of MMM wins the distance challenge; not tonight we cried. Two members and the WM elect live in Portugal and regularly attend meetings. If they can travel so could all of us Brethren.

Starting a little later than advertised, because the WM elect had just flown in from Portugal ( yes PORTUGAL), and after a call from GWA’s mum we went in. Good job the WM elect was delayed by traffic Gary? W.Bro Jimmy Hughes and the inimitable W.Bro Peter Worby together installed W.Bro Messias into the chair of the Lodge. An excellent team working together. Interesting that between them they had all the words....just not always in the right order! However it was very evident that W.Bro Hughes had taken a great deal of care in learning his important task; well done.

20+ active Provincial Grand Lodge Officers joined the Deputy, Assistant and myself at the meeting and enjoyed an excellent festive board. I would urge any Mark Mason who would like a treat to visit this happy and friendly lodge in Dereham Norfolk.