'Ins and Outs' Dinner

ProvOffs Apr17 1

It hardly seems possible that we are in the process of changing the team of active Provincial Officers. It all starts when you receive your appointment to office, and an invitation from the Wardens arrive to the annual mess night.

Its is our custom for the incoming officers to meet up with their colleagues and also those Brethren who have been doing the job. This furnishes us with two opportunities. Firstly to meet and make friends and secondly to find out what happens when we meet up at Provincial gatherings. This ensures that no one goes to an event knowing nobody, and has some idea before we get there. I am of the belief that there is a third reason, which is have to have an enjoyable time

This years dinner was outstanding. The Mess was held at Diss which is central to the Province. The Mess Presidents are always the Wardens of the year. They decide venue, menu and format. Our President for the meeting was W.Bro David Frost ProvGJW and he organised a splendid evening. On arrival brethren were greeted with a smile and a name badge, and welcomed. When I arrived the conversation could be heard outside, and inside brethren were all chatting and finding out who was what. I started dinner on a table of past, present and future stewards. Great company; thanks guys. For Ray,Tim and I its a ‘safari’ dinner.In other words we got to move to have our dessert. Thats a good idea, but by the time I’d got to my next table most of the cheese had been eaten!!!, still there was enough for me.

All too soon it was the speeches, mercifully short in text and number, except the reply by the PGM. He went on a bit!, still he filled brethren in about what was expected of them and passed on some other useful information. I finished with a hearty vote of thanks to David Frost for his work in arranging the night. I have to say from my point of view I went home on a high buzzing with ideas and gratitude to the brethren for their warm and generous welcome and friendship. It will be a pleasure to have the company of all my active officers on my visits about the Province and beyond.