Wroxham Lodge of RAM No 1166

1166RAM Aug2017 13

A double ceremony of elevation followed by a double ceremony of elevation; got to go and witness that. It was a splendid evening starting at 5pm and finishing at 6:50pm and allowing for a break in between the two ceremonies. It worked because all the officers knew their words and actions. The WCN led an effective and spirited team. The deacons choreography of the two candidates was faultless, the way in which the ceremonies were delivered lost nothing for the personal enjoyment for the individual.

Like many of you I always like to chat to the brethren and ask how long before you are to go through the chair and at times I’m surprised by the answer “oh I’m not going on I’m too old to learn any more ritual”. Drop in to Wroxham RAM and meet the two amazing octogenarians WBros Freddie Elliott and John Hall, who gave the signs and the working tools, then tell me you are too old!

What a special evening, and a warm welcome to Bros. Colin, Don, Robert and Mike.