Mark meets the Ark!

Mark meets Ark Dec2017 11

At the largest gathering of Royal Ark Mariners in the province since the annual assembly, potential candidates were given an explanation about the Fraternity. A first for East Anglia; attended by over 55 masons.

A comprehensive talk was given, questions were asked and answered, and five Brethren expressed a desire to sign articles and become members of the ‘ships company’. The discussion was lively, the questions searching and a number of senior members gave answers.

I must thank the WCN and Members of Mortimer Lodge No 687 for hosting the event and for the fine installation ceremony delivered by PCN Watts, well done Dougie.

It was a wonderful evening, I believe that everyone who attended enjoyed the event and we all learnt something of value. We had an excellent example from two budding thespians about how NOT to invite a mark mason to join us, it was brilliant and very funny. The whole evening was topped off by a simple supper of fish and chips with some short and humorous speeches, away by 9pm.