Walpole Lodge of MMM No 92

I’ll pick you up PGM if you would like. That seemed a silly question so I graciously accepted the lift and off we trotted to Wroxham.

A very warm welcome was given to us on our arrival and we joined some of the Brethren in a drink and enjoyed some lively discussions on masonic and non masonic topics.

All too soon my DC, W.Bro. Stephen Bye announce to the lodge that the PGM was outside, called his escort and in we went. I was offered the gavel and given every opportunity to accept but, I had come to see the lodge at work. Not only that, I'd read the agenda!

The main business was to instal Bro Barry Toombs, this was welcome accomplished by past Masters Daniel Skipper and Arthur MacCol in a delightful and sincere way. They should be congratulated for the way in which they worked together to ensure Bro Toombs had the best ceremony.

Four delightful addresses followed given by members of the lodge and their Keystone Jewel was presented in a delightful manner by the APGM W.Bro Tim Ridley.

We retired to an excellent festive board, at which the caterers served chips with the main course. ( I’ve not told Claire about those…yet). Dinner was a happy and enjoyable with the usual happy banter associated with Walpole Lodge.