St Winnold Lodge of MMM No 1187 - MMTC

MMTC Feb2018 30

Off to Downham Market tonight. Richard Styles was attending so he kindly arranged to collect me and drive. It was so nice not to have to drive alone especially on the return journey.

St Winnold Lodge had agreed to host a Mark Meets the Craft(MMTC) evening. There were 50 Brethren and guests to hear about the Mark. As I always tell the guests this is an information evening, a happy dinner and gentle humour. It is not a hard sell, nor a recruitment drive. We are agreed that it works best if a Brother is given as much information as is available and he can then make in informed decision. Hopefully he will also enjoy being a mark mason and attend regularly; but the decision must not be forced.

After a short business meeting the lodge was closed and the Province took charge. I assumed the chair and introduced the members of PGL in attendance and asked them to introduce themselves and say briefly there thoughts about being a Mark mason. I have to say that was quite interesting, not one groan or grumble but a united positive message, all delivered without coercion by the executive or prior warning

I then talk my way through a script which we have, a tried and tested version about the Mark, the differences and the similarities with UGLE, our extra four officers and so on. A outline of the regalia, a brief mention of the ceremony studiously avoiding any reference to the Junior Warden and his special role! Time for question and answers, no question will go unanswered. You might not like the answer but you will get one.

One of the questions I was asked was most interesting, not because of what he asked but why. We ‘old’ hands would never give his question a thought, but he was a new member so did not know. The question was “where do I buy the regalia?”. You and I would know that and have bought much regalia over the years, being a new member he had not.

All too soon the Provincial GDC asked the Brethren to stand and the WM and I retired to the bar and the Brethren came and joined us for informal talks. Being joined by so many of the active officers of PGL also gives us a chance to get to know one another and forge friendships and contacts outside our usual masonic home area. Indeed one of the members of St Winnold was Provincial Senior Warden to my Provincial Junior Warden back in the day. It was fantastic to catch up with him.

Hopefully we will gain members from the craft guests, indeed one Brother would have stayed to be advanced that night. Our MMTC coordinator W.Bro Martin Plane will provide us with feed back both short and long term, thus giving us factual evidence these MMTC’s work.

Our nest scheduled MMTC is to be hosted by York Lodge No 334 at Cambridge on 5th December 2018. If your lodge would like to host a presentation you should ask your VO to seek agreement from the other lodges in your group to support and talk with Martin. The group must agree to support because there is a limit to the number of presentations in an area in any year.

However you look at the evening it was a great night of fellowship, friendship and fun.