Northwic Lodge of MMM No 770

770 Mar2018 5

Provincial Grand Lodge went on a visit swelling the numbers to over 40, great turnout. It was a pleasure to welcome Bro Liam Cawdron as our newest member to the Province and witness an enjoyable advancement ceremony. W.Bro Michael Tatt (WM) was ably assisted by members of the lodge in the ceremony. W.Bro Worby gave the secrets and signs, all be it in his own interesting unique manner; wouldn’t be him otherwise!

I was presented with a cheque for £800 for the EAMBA Keystone Appeal by the WM and Brethren of the lodge. The evening was completed with a excellent Festive board at a local restaurant were we enjoyed some friendly banter, humour and good fellowship. An excellent way to spend a Friday evening. Well done to all the members of Northwic for such an pleasant evening.

The evening was greatly enhanced by the news that our Provincial DC was a grandfather for the third time and we all celebrated his news and welcomed Freya Olivia Allen. AAH!