Message from the PGM

Brethren, I am reflecting on our annual meeting and all that we had to celebrate last season; what a year! Thank you all very much.

As we commence another masonic season we in the Mark have much to look forward to, for example we have two centenary meetings Lowestoft Lodge and Barnard Lodge celebrating in March 2019, in Cambridge we will have a “mark meets the craft” evening at Bateman Street in December, and there remains another ambulance to present to St John in September of this year.

I hope that you have the meeting of EAIMM’s in your diary, details here. I’m looking forward to hearing how Hampshire and Isle of Wight are 250 years old, when mark masonry is about 160. Like me you will have to attend to find out.

All of this plus, we will welcome more of our craft lodge brethren to the mark, I am sure that like me you have enjoyed the summer holidays and will be returning refreshed and ready to share the best we Mark Masons have to offer.

I look forward with pleasure to my visits around the Province and being able to meet up with you all, chatting to my Provincial Officers and catching up with individuals and their families. If you know of a Brother who for whatever reason is unable to attend your meeting have a word with him and offer him a lift, or maybe call and see him and tell him he is valued and missed.