East Anglian Installed Mark Masters Lodge No 1418

Churchyard lecturer 2018

Over 60 members and guests came together for annual “Peter Churchyard Memorial Lecture”, this event celebrates the tenure of R.W Bro Churchyard our PGM for eight years. The invite to present the lecture is in the gift of the Worshipful Master and this is a sought after invitation. The nomination is put before the PGM and his advisors for their sanction…or not!

Last night (5/9/18) we witnessed the annual Peter Churchyard Memorial Lecture, given by R.W Bro George Deacon, Provincial Grand Master for Hampshire and Isle of Wight (image, right). He spoke eloquently for twenty minutes about the practising of the mark degree 250 years ago. His Province and some of the lodges predate the formation of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons by several decades. As Aristotle observed "The more you know, the more you know you don't know."

His content was very interesting and thought provoking, especially when he told us that one of his predecessors was PGM for another 9 provinces. I smiled at that, and thought to myself being PGM for one is enough of a challenge. The difference was that in those days, and to an extent up until the '70s, PGMs were appointed for life and were not expected to undertake visits and the duties which we all expect of our rulers today.

A convivial and happy dinner concluded what was a high light for the Province. No doubt you will want to put next years date in the diary (04/09/19), because the guest lecturer is a story teller of historic proportion and has a irrepressible sense of humour.