Highfield Ely Academy


The trustees of the EAMBA supported the request of “Ship of the Fens Lodge of RAMs” to provide six scooters for the use of the pupils.

Claire and I set off this morning to attend this special school and with the W.Bro Ted Watts and Ian Hardman the lodge charity steward. We were duly signed in and four carefully selected pupils came forward to accept these scooters. The look of wonderment and surprise was a joy to behold on the faces of these four boys. Can we try them out they cried and try them out they did.

Hen asked why the school wanted these scooters -  the Deputy Head replied that the pupils needed to expend energy at break time; these were ideal for them.

A school is fundamentally a collection of staff, students and buildings, we’ve all been to one of one sort or another. This wonderful school is something special it has that magical quality of community support and appreciation, today Brethren we were part of that family.

The pupils all thanked us very noisily and then asked questions, that was very interesting. One of the questions asked me reminded me of the innocence of youth. One wanted to know if I could do this dance move; he was politely told no the PGM did not do a war dance. The next question he asked was “whats a PGM?” It was almost easier to do the dance move; almost!

Great afternoon with some special children and amazing staff, well done Ship of the Fens.