Royal Ark Mariner Grand Assembly 2018

grand ram dec 2018 2

WBro Tim Ridley writes:

Tuesday saw a very large contingent of East Anglian Royal Ark Mariners head for London and Freemasons' Hall for the Annual Royal Ark Mariner Grand Assembly.

They were there to support the four East Anglian recipients of Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank - W. Bros. Gary Allen, David Boswell, Peter Brown and myself.

It was a quite magnificent event, with many firsts. The largest attendance there has ever been at a Grand Assembly, which included the largest attendance ever from our Province - 20 brethren from East Anglia sat down to dine in the Connaught Rooms following the meeting and I met many other East Anglian brethren who were at the meeting but didn't dine afterwards.

Many thanks to them all on behalf of the Province for their support and more personally, many thanks from myself and the other recipients of Grand Ranks. Your enthusiastic support made our special day all the more special from start to finish. I very much hope that we will be able to continue the trend of increasing numbers for this incredible meeting of our wonderful Order, it is a truly very spectacular event.