New Year's Message from the Provincial Grand Master


I write this new year message with an immense amount of gratitude and pride in what we have accomplished together. The executive and I have enjoyed some memorable evenings in your lodges and had great fun at your festive boards. To me that friendship, comradeship and enthusiasm and is what makes our Mark Province so special.

Last year we had many notable events not least of which was our showcase annual meeting. This meeting reflects the high standards and accomplishments of our past masters and allows me the opportunity to reward excellence and continued commitment to the Province. These ranks are not only a recognition of what you have done but a visible symbol of what you are expected to do. It's an important day for our ruling Masters as they take their seats and are welcomed and thanked for what they are doing.

We are inviting to a special breakfast gathering our brethren advanced into a lodge during the past twelve months. They are to be invited for a special preview of the inside workings of Provincial Grand Lodge - all this and breakfast with the Assistant PGM too!

New members are the life blood of our lodges, I appreciate that it may be difficult for you to always have an advancement, but is that an opportunity to hear from one of the charities supported by the lodge? I’m not a big fan of rehearsals on a lodge night. We should expect more from ourselves.

Brethren it is down to each of us to recruit members and continue to nurture their progress for the first months of membership. I know that many of you enjoy your mark masonry and enthuse about it to others, it is that enthusiasm coupled with exemplary ceremonies which build our membership foundation. We can only recruit from the craft and as such we should use that link to welcome new members. If you tell them why you enjoy the mark they will want to share that with you. Make a new years resolutions to invite a mason into your Mark lodge and introduce him to the members. If we all did that what a force we could become.

This year Lowestoft Mark Lodge No 686 and Barnard Mark Lodge No 687 will complete 100 years of continuous meeting, and I am looking forward with great anticipation to their centenary meetings and the celebratory banquet which follows. These two events will enable us to continue to form these distinguished lodges for the next 100 years and cement their place in the history of our Province.

Our Mark meets the Craft programme continues under the direction of W.Bro. Martin Plane and the lodge VOs, following the success at York Lodge Cambridge when 23 craft brethren attended. Such was the enormous success of this gathering that the craft PGM, R.W.Bro Bill Dastur congratulated us and extolled the enjoyment gained from his Mark membership. The next MMTC will be held in Harleston at Waveney Valley Lodge on 4th February 2019. Why not bring along your new member?

I am excited and confident that this will be another important year for the Province. I believe we shall continue to see new members in both the Mark and Royal Ark Mariners as we build on the growth initiatives in both orders over the last few years.

What ever the year has in store for us may the Great Overseer and Supreme Commander of the Universe keep you and your loved ones safe, healthy and happy.

Happy New Year and Mark Well