Lowestoft Lodge of MMM No 686 - Centenary Meeting

686 centenary 9

What a fantastic evening we had at the recent centenary celebration of Lowestoft Lodge. A full house of Mark Masons waiting patiently as we paraded into the lodge. It was a delight to be accompanied by 26 Active Provincial Officers. On this prestigious occasion I accepted the gavel from the WM, requested the Provincial Wardens to assume the chairs of the Lodge Wardens, and off we went.

After an introduction by me as to what we were all there, what the purpose of the evening was all about (as if we didn’t know), we began the business of presenting the centenary warrant. Now you don’t just hand it over, we being Mark Masons have a charming ceremony for this, handed down from Grand Lodge.

It begins with an address by the PGM, who calls for the original warrant to read, then after a short address he calls for the centenary warrant to be read. This is a document bearing the signature of the Grand Master and presented in his name at his command. The warrant was duly vested to the safe keeping of the WM, who then regained his chair. There then followed an interesting history of the Lodge given by W.Bro Frank Wilmot, who did very well especially as his original thought was to chat for about 30-40 minutes. Considering he was allowed 10 minutes maximum, he gave a comprehensive overview of the past 100 years.

Then the members formed in the North and received from me their centenary jewels, which they are authorised to wear by the grace of the Grand Master in his centenary warrant. As you can imagine, these evenings are carefully choreographed and detailed so there are never any surprises. Well, not many! You can imagine my surprise as I too was presented with a centenary jewel and asked if I would accept Honorary Membership; which I was pleased to do.

Next we dedicated a new lodge board detailing the Masters and Commanders to date. This generous gift was given to the lodge by W.Bro Frank Wilmot, who had even secured a special place for it in the lodge room - well done Frank.

686 centenary 6

All too soon it was time to withdraw from the lodge room, only to return and have to suffer W.Bro Richard Pryor Provincial Grand Senior Warden, exercise his power as the nominated photographer, the results of which can be seen on this page. Important because they will form part of the lodge history and provide a record for future Mark Masons to see.

After an informal reception we retired to the dining room for a delicious festive banquet, and the usual toasts were honoured and thanks given to all those who have worked over past years to bring this especial meeting to a highly successful conclusion.