MBF: 151st Annual Festival


The 151st Annual Festival was held under the presidency of R.W.Bro Martin Wilson, PGM for Sussex, on Saturday 6th July 2019 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Brighton.

A wonderful weekend of celebration attended by over 800 people, including 10 East Anglians and their mascot!

After a delicious dinner the expectation rose to fever pitch as the results were announced by the Grand Secretary, R.W.Bro Williams. His skilfully crafted address kept us on tenterhooks until the final result was announced to huge fanfares, fireworks and applause.

Bro Williams paid tribute to all the orders of masonry who had joined in and supported this festival to the maximum. He paid a warm and special tribute to the PGM of Sussex Craft for their outstanding donation of eighty thousand pounds, and to the Sussex Allied and Cryptic masons who between them gave thirty thousand pounds.

These and many more donations including ten thousand pounds from East Anglia helped achieve the wonderful total of £1,357,663; well done all.

After the formalities we were invited to dance the night away to a super 8 piece band and ride the dodgems!. Yes dodgems, the curtains were moved back and doors opened to a funfair, candy floss, rock and sweets, what a night. It truly was “Sussex by the Sea”.

Read more about the Sussex festival success here.


Would you like to experience first hand the thrills and fun of a festival weekend? If you do, join us in 2020 as we go and support Kent. (click for more details). If you intend to go, please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., know in advance.


Our mascot (Heidi) enjoys the beach!