East Anglian Installed Masters Lodge No 1418

What a treat we had with a scintillating address by RW.Bro John Oakley-Smith PGJW, entitled Murder and Masonry. It was a fine example of abuse of membership by a Bro. Frederick Henry Seddon, who was a Freemason. The judge Sir Thomas Townsend Bucknill KC, also a Mason who went on to become Provincial Grand Master of the Craft Province of Surrey from 1903 to 1915. He was given every example of masonic signs and words as it was possible to do. It must have worked, as Bro. Seddon was hung at Pentonville Prison in April 1912. Of course, RW.Bro John had more detail and left some unanswered questions - like where did Mrs Seddon and the money go? Neither was traced. Also by today’s standards, the balance of proof would be suspect, but no appeal was lodged.

This excellent and informative lecture was the fifth Peter Churchyard Memorial Lecture and added greatly to our understanding of the social moires of the time, with this trial perhaps being the first step in our being viewed with scepticism and concern. The press had a field day with the misuse of the Masonic words, signs and actions. Who knows?

Nearly fifty brethren enjoyed a fabulous festive board at the conclusion of the evening, many congratulations to Worshipful Master VW.Bro Trevor Clarke and the members of the lodge for this great evening out, well done.

You can read more about the very interesting trial and the people involved in it by searching online.

We also welcomed seven Joining Members at the meeting.