T@3 Mugs

tat3 1984

Brethren around the Province have been taking part in a T@3 initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic, encouraging all Mark Master Masons to take a cup of tea at 3pm, while remembering all Mark Master Masons throughout the Constitution, trusting they are safe and marking well. Members would then send a picture to be published on Facebook and our website.

This caught the imagination of members, with many getting involved with an array of backgrounds and photo opportunities. Encouraged by the enthusiasm shown around the Province, Bro. Roger Florey from Columbyne Lodge in Stowmarket took this one step further. He produced mugs printed with both the Provincial and T@3 logos, gave them to friends who then took more pictures of themselves, proudly using their East Anglian Mark Master Masons T@3 mug.

Such has been the demand, Roger has now had a further stock of mugs produced and they are available for £13.70 each, which includes postage, packing and a £5 donation to the Mark Benevolent Fund.

To order your mug, please email Roger Florey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As you can see below, these are already proving very popular!

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