RAM gathering and Video Address by the RW Provincial Grand Master, 27 June 2020

Due to the current suspension of activity, the Province held a Zoom gathering, restricted by the limitations of technology to invitees only, to recognise those who have been appointed to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank, while keeping formalities to a minimum. This was also the final Provincial event to be presided over by the retiring Provincial Grand Master RW Bro. Paul Norman.

After an introduction from the PGM and suitable words from the Provincial Chaplain Colin Birkbeck, pictures of the recipients were shown while their names were read out and acknowledged by the Provincial DC Gary Allen.
The PGM then addressed the brethren for the final time. A heartfelt speech encompassing ten years of friendship, hard work, duty, commitment and happiness as you can see.

But that was not all. Deputy PGM Ray Clarke gave a short speech recognising our departing PGM’s tenure of office from a personal perspective, then called forward the PGM’s wife. Claire came into view holding an envelope, so the behind the scenes skulduggery could be revealed. The contents were the proceeds of the collection from lodges in the Province towards a retirement gift, to be enjoyed in the years to come with fond memories.

While that ended the formal part of the meeting, the brethren were then taken to Zoom breakout rooms where they could give a personal farewell to the PGM and chat with friends and other members of the Executive.

W.Bro Richard Pryor