APGM Blog - Feb 2021

stylesWe have another year, a new PGM and a new team and hopefully a new start to our masonic activities later this year. Last year was mostly one to forget for a myriad of reasons, not least in my case, the ghastly weather from last October to date. But as my eyes are in the front of my head, I tend to look forward. Yes, we will all be vaccinated against this vile virus as nearly ten million have been done to date. Yes, it may take a little time to get through all the populace, but the powers that be are determined to roll out the vaccinee as fast as possible. So yes, be positive; we will be meeting again this year.

Although I don’t usual look back, however, I feel a few words about my time as Provincial Secretary are worth a mention. A thoroughly rewarding office, lots of work, a few issues here and there, but meaning I have had the opportunity to meet many Lodge Sectaries throughout our Province and visit many of your Lodges and make many friends. I wish the new Provincial Secretary and his team all the best for the future; I know it will be a successful partnership.

The weather outside as I write this may well be dismal, cold and snowy, but it is mid-winter but that is really no reason to feel gloomy. We have a strong membership, a fantastic sense purpose and as Freemasons in general and Mark masons in particular, an inbuilt desire to help others. Communication is key.

So, if you wish to hold just a relaxed social gathering of members via Zoom on an occasionally basis or even regularly, then please do so. I know that the technology may seem daunting to a few, but it really is a simply case of click the link, and join in.

I feel confident that with the principles within our fraternity, we will not only survive this testing period, but thrive as we look forward to better times ahead.

Richard Styles