APGM Blog – March 2021



I am pleased to announce that as of this morning the East Anglian Provincial Mark Mascot, Heidi, pictured, has been jabbed, or better known as, has been vaccinated against this ghastly disease. This injection will allow her to travel to foreign climes without the need to isolate or quarantine for up to ten days, at great expense, with her new pet passport. Snappily named by DEFRA ‘The Right to Cross, and Re-Cross, Any Foreign Borders Without Impunity Document’. As things stand, it is unlikely her adopted parents, also pictured with her below, can travel yet as they are too young to receive the vaccination. All she needs now is either a driving or pilot’s licence.


This is something we are currently working on. With the advent of auto-guidance car transport, any fool can now drive. Ditto with aeroplanes. Automatic take-off and landing and direct guidance to your preferred destination, vaguely somewhere near a beach, means anyone can fly a plane. These satellite driving and flying systems are really a marvel.

She has also been for a haircut today, or rather a trim and groom, in readiness for her forthcoming holiday. Something her parents are unable to do and so look increasing, in my case, like a picture of Einstein.

I appreciate that you may well be thinking that she is also too young to receive this at 4 years old, or 32 in human terms. However, we did try to transfer this vaccination to other, older, more vulnerable people than Heidi, who have lost their ability to drive, impaired by old age, as evinced by simply stopping in the middle of the road by the local (to me) vaccination centre in Debenham, and wondering idly where to go next.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, there were no takers.

Apparently, no-one wanted a rabies inoculation.

Please keep your spirits up and stay well. This current situation will abate and we will be meeting again, face to face, soon.


Richard Styles