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Hartismere RAM Certificate Sept 21

Much like at the beginning of a horse race when the commentator states, “They are in the starting gate - and they’re off”, I have restarted my Masonic journey after the suspension of Freemasonry. First at the East Anglian Installed Mark Masters Lodge meeting, and then at Hartismere Royal Ark Mariners Lodge Installation meeting.

And what an absolute joy it was to be with friends and shipmates I have not seen for nearly eighteen months. At Hartismere RAM we enjoyed a superb evening where the Worshipful Commander was Proclaimed by the new Director of Ceremonies in top form; a piece of ritual you don’t often hear, followed by the appointment of the Officers and then me presenting Bro. Mike Bootman with his Royal Ark Mariner Certificate. He has had to wait seventeen months since being Elevated in December 2019 to receive it. We then dined with much chatter, laughter and companionship and went home contented.

EAIMM was also very enjoyable, with around 35 brethren witnessing RW. Bro Ray Clarke take over as WM from VW.Bro Trevor Clarke. So good to see and speak to members I had not seen for so long, with everyone feeling the same. It was the first opportunity for an Executive group photo, thanks going to David Good and his phone on this occasion.

Don’t forget Provincial Grand Lodge on Wednesday 13th October, where RW.Bro David Boswell will be officially invested as Provincial Grand Master. The Provincial Paparazzi has promised to bring his camera on that occasion.
Happy days brethren, and best wishes to you all.

W.Bro Richard Styles
Assistant Provincial Grand Master