APGM's blog: Barnard Lodge No 687

My first full installation meeting as APGM, took place at Barnard last night in Wymondham. Arriving in daylight helps greatly in that the road to the car park was closed and I do not know the centre of the town very well. Diversion signs are all very well, but a ten-mile round trip to travel fifty yards seemed excessive.

The outgoing master installing his successor, W. Bro Rod Larwood in excellent manner ably helped by his assistant, it was a joy to behold.

It was good to be with the brethren to share their evening. The Almoner’s report was excellent and made me wonder if he had any special magical powers, as every brother he has spoken to recently, who was feeling under the weather, had made a miraculous recovery and was present at the meeting.

The DC, who was also my Provincial ADC for the evening, made the night more special as he looked after me very well, did the address to the Wardens, the presentation of the Keystone Jewel as well as the working tools.

Even though the gas supply in the kitchen failed (the fitting of a new valve has not gone smoothly) meant no roast beef dinner. We had fish and chips instead but the way the members pulled together to make the festive board enjoyable and memorably was a true reflection of the Brotherly Love that clearly exists within masonry and the lodge.